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"You were born an original, don't die a copy" John Mason

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Intuitive Eating Health Coach/Body Image Transformer 

Howdy! I'm Kayla! A Kentucky born and raised gal with hopes to help you ditch the diet mindset and negative body image for good! I want to support you to start living your best life through intuitive eating, motivational encouragement, and holistic health practices. Why? Let me explain...


​I started my first diet when I was 15. Like most girls, I wanted to fit in and look good. Little did I need know this would take me on downward spiral of anorexia, binge eating, and depression. There were nights of uncontrollable calorie counting, days of skipping meals, hiding food, and lots of over-exercising. There were even times where I felt “normal”. Little did I know, I was killing myself...mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


​At 25 years old, I hit rock bottom. I knew I couldn't live my life in fear because what I secretly needed was freedom. I needed the freedom to not be afraid of food, freedom to feel good in my own skin, and freedom to live my best life without looking back. Through intuitive eating and changing my mindset I was able to do just that!


Are you ready to start your self-love journey? Email me today for a FREE 1 hour self-love discovery call. Looking forward to talking to you. 


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                               Why Intuitive Eating?

  • Helps ease food anxiety (no good food vs. bad food mindset)

  • Allows your body to trust itself (know when it's full, hungry, bored, etc.)

  • Increases your self-acceptance/self worth (respect your genetic blueprint )


Private Intuitive Eating Health Coaching 
Your Sexy Self (Body Image Crash Course)  
Guest Collaborations (Podcasts, Blogs, Interviews, and classes) 

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